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You can install Stokes only from the Shopify App Store from the following URL:

We offer a 30 days trial period. During this period you will have access to all the features.

For Shopify users we charge 15 USD / month. For Shopify+ users we charge 150 USD monthly.

Yes. With Stokes you will always get full access. With us you won’t see any restricted content or upgrade opportunities.

We offer a 30 days trial period for all of our users to see the growth Stokes can do for them.

We only ask access to the data that is a must for us to do our work. These are anonymous and we store them on secure servers.

When you install Stokes we analyze your store to set up the the best bundles. You can choose between 2 layouts to display the recommendation widget. The famous Amazon like and the classic one.

Stokes will use only the data needed to display the best bundles. These are anonymous data based on the digital shoppers behaviour.

You can reach us easily via quick message and email.

Yes, Stokes is only available for Shopify stores.

After you install Stokes it will detect what is your theme version and prepare the widget to work with your preferred theme smoothly.

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